The film Who Killed the Electric Car? documents the birth and sudden demise of California’s electric vehicle industry in the mid-1990s, but we’re happy to say that EVs are making a huge comeback. Mayor Eric Garcetti from Los Angeles has announced a plan to lease 160 electric vehicles as part of his Sustainable City pLAn, making this the largest city-operated fleet of electric vehicles in the country. The city will lease both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for its fire, police and general services departments.

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“When we laid out our sustainable city plan … we promised that 50% of new city fleet vehicles purchased each year would be EV by 2017,” Garcetti recently said. “Now we’re fulfilling that promise ahead of schedule.”

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In addition to announcing plans to add 160 electric vehicles and 128 plug-in hybrids to its fleet, the LAPD is also being loaned a Tesla Model S P85D and a BMW i3. BMW recently announced it will loan the Los Angeles Police Department a BMW i3 for 12 months in the first US test of an i3 in an authority fleet.

“By virtue of its innovative design and construction from leading-edge materials, the i3 is a brilliant fit with the technology-driven research philosophy of the LAPD. This will be a valuable learning experience for both BMW and the Department,” noted Christine Fleischer, Manager for BMW North America.

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