Forget Habby and Inhabipuppy, and get ready for the next round of eco-cuteness! Lotta Jansdotter’s adorable sustainable soft toys are the latest eco-apples of our eye with their beautiful color palette, smoothly shaped designs and environmentally friendly composition. The line consists of a blissful green whale, a sagacious herringbone owl, and a vibrant vermillion giraffe, each lovingly crafted by Scandinavian born Lotta Anderson. Her store, Lotta Jansdotter carries a stunning selection of warm wool knits, playful prints, and pristine stationary. We love Lotta’s modern, natural aesthetic that stems from her childhood spent on the island of Åland (between Sweden and Finland) and her travels throughout the globe. We’ll be getting our hands on these sweet, sustainable toys at BKLYN Designs this weekend, and you can be sure that Abigail and Jill will be hitting this booth in the upcoming Mother’s Day Green Design Walking Tour on Sunday.

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It’s a scary world out there as more and more evidence surfaces that our offices, homes, and even our children’s toys may contain scores of toxic chemicals. As states, an alarming number of toys are made with materials, paints, and finishes that contain lead, pvc, cadmium, and even arsenic. These toxic toys frequently pass under the radar due to lax governmental regulations and controls.

Hence the refreshing allure of Lotta Jansdotter’s whimsical soft toys. Each adorable animal friend is fabricated from 100% linen, and the tiny toys are the perfect size for tiny hands. These are definitely feel-good toys that will have you wanting your own. But with a little patience, these toys will find a purposeful second life – when little hands outgrow these endearing figures they will make perfectly adorable pin-cushions.

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