Lottery tickets can make or break dreams, but they can also be transformed into beautiful objects in their own right. Ghost of a Dream, a team of two Rhode Island School of Design Graduates, has created one of the most astounding sets of recycled art that we’ve seen in a long time, using a cheeky combination of lottery tickets and romance novels.

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Among the pair’s creations: a Hummer H3 plastered in $39,000 worth of lottery tickets and a dream home featuring a lottery ticket-covered chandelier, clock, china closet, and rug. Ghost of a Dream’s “Dream Vacation” series also features $29,000 worth of discarded tickets, along with wood steel, foam, speakers, and wheels.

We love that Ghost of a Dream juxtaposes the fleeting dreams of lottery ticket buyers with actual lottery tickets. What other extravagant pieces of lottery ticket art would you like to see from the pair in the future?

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Via Yatzer and Greendiary