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©David Sundberg/ Esto

The modern, minimalist design is not only stunning, but also the architects’ reaction to the sloping hills of the home’s site. Two sections of the home are set perpendicular to each other, each resting in the hillside. Stretching across a dip in the hill is a bridge-like structure, which connects both ends of the home.  Floating above the land below, the bridge portion is clad with glass curtain windows, giving the feeling of immersion within the beautiful landscape.

Wooden louvers filter light through the glass curtain wall, and inside the sprawling windows give residents a direct view of the mountains. The lower chambers of the home bring the natural bedrock and greenery of the property within proximity of the doors and windows.

The spacious home was also built with sustainability in mind, starting from the positioning of the structure to minimize site disturbance and optimize natural light without excessive solar gain. Planted swales help filter storm water, as well as permeable paving and natural stone. An extensive irrigation and drainage system was also installed with these concerns in mind, particularly as the home is built in a valley. Radiant heat, high efficiency cooling, filtration and water systems keep the environmental impact low.

The Bridge House harmonizes with the natural beauty of the rural Connecticut landscape, while taking serious green measures to help protect it.

+ Joeb Moore + Partners Architects