A “zero garbage” approach, recycled wood construction and low-impact energy systems combine at the Huemules Reserva de Montaña, a three-star geodesic dome hotel nestled inside a Patagonian nature reserve in Esquel, Argentina. Created with sustainability in mind, the eco-resort was built on a remote, 6,000-hectare site owned by the Estancia Huemules group. After converting the land into a mountain reserve, the family-owned company oversaw the development of low-impact geodesic dome suites constructed by local craftspeople with natural materials.

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wood path leading to green geodesic dome

Previously used as cattle pasture for over 100 years, the 6,000-hectare mountain reserve that is now home to Huemules Reserva de Montaña is celebrated for its magnificent canyons, valleys and prairies. In redeveloping the land for hospitality, the Estancia Huemules group chose geodesic domes for lodging due to the structures’ durability and resistance to the climatic extremes in Patagonia. The geodesic domes were also selected for their low impact — both visually and physically — on the environment and were strategically placed on natural clearings close to existing trails.

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geodesic dome interior with dark sofa and two square wood coffee tables
wood dining table near wood-burning stove inside geodesic dome

As part of the eco-resort’s commitment to sustainability, the hotel uses an advanced sewage treatment system to clean waste before it is discharged into the environment as well as an energy system that follows the region’s eternal hydrological cycle. Locally sourced recycled wood was used for constructing decks, kitchen and furniture, while dead wood is used in energy-efficient, low-consumption stoves. Organic waste is composted onsite for use in the vegetable garden. Plastics are used as little as possible; preference is given to biodegradable products and recyclable containers.

bed facing clear wall of a geodesic dome
people hiking in mountainous landscape

“We believe in Nature’s rhythms: That’s why your experience will be unique, in silence,” the eco-resort owners said in a statement. “But at the same time, it will be plentiful: plenty of activities and flavors, plenty of tones like the sound of the wind, the creeks and the birds, and plenty of movement and quietness.”

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Photography by Addison Jones via Huemules Reserva de Montaña