Loft Bahaus is open-plan in order to enable its physically disabled owner navigate the interior with greater ease.

Loft Bauhaus measures 1,700 square-feet and is raised two feet off the ground using hydraulic piloti. This minimizes the home’s impact on the soil and allows all necessary electrical cables to be fitted below the floor – resulting in lower construction and maintenance costs. In addition, there are gaps located near the ceiling which cause the rising warm air to be expelled, thus reducing the need for air-conditioning.

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On account of the owner’s reduced physical abilities, access to the home is gained via ramp, and the interior layout is dominated by a large living and dining space. Glass sliding doors allow the prevailing breeze to cool the entire interior naturally, and even the bathroom can be opened to the outside. Only the toilet remains truly hidden from sight.

Loft Bauhaus is decorated and furnished with works by Brazilian artists and designers, and takes its place beautifully within the surrounding forest.

+ Ana Paula Barros

Via Contemporist