“Canadian design” may not have the same cache of “Danish design” or “Dutch design”, but an up-and-coming design collective by the name of Loyal Loot seems determined to change all that. The women of Loyal Loot are looking to put Canadian design on the map with lines of furniture and home decor that pay playful homage to the Canadian frontier.

Rustic Log-Bowls, trophy-shaped mirrors, and plush “bear-skin” rugs gleefully reference the hunting-lodge aesthetic of the group’s Canadian heritage, while also expressing nostalgia for the romanticism of the Canadian wilderness.

Loyal Loot strives to stay true to materials and thus create designs with a natural quality. The collective designs pieces that will last a lifetime – always remaining precious to their owner and becoming more and more meaningful as they age. Check out the group’s website for more awesome loot, including a variety of furniture, home decor and cute ladies clothes: