Although coffee tables are often the centerpiece of warm, comfy living rooms, they tend to be hard and angular – and anything but cozy. That’s why we were so taken with Loyal Loot’s fetching Hung Table, which looks sort of like a crocheted sweater for your coffee table – with the added bonus of pockets to store your knick-knacks. According to designer Doha Chebib, the design addresses subtraction and dematerialization, utilizing crochet for structure as well as for the association with ideals of comfort and tradition.

Possibly even cuter even than little dogs in a little sweaters, crocheted furniture is my new favorite thing. More crochet furniture please!

LOYAL LOOT is an Albertan women’s design collective started in 2003. (How cool is that? I want to start a lady design collective of my own now…)

The group playfully mixes rustic themes with “lady-like” crafts such as crochet and sewing, to create a thoroughly contemporary and unique signature style. In addition to all this, Loyal Loot also makes a fabulously sexy line of women’s clothing. These girls can do no wrong. If you want any of this loot, you’ll have to beat me to it.

+ Loyal Loot