Did you know that you can transform your old LP records into bowls? All you need is a record and an oven, and you can whip together a stylish, music-themed bowl that can hold everything from desk supplies to snacks. Just make sure to use an old Billy Joel LP rather than the Beatle’s Butcher Cover album. Read on past the jump for detailed DIY instructions:

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Making LP bowls Step 1:

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Step 2:

Choose an LP with a colorful label—preferably one you don’t ever want to hear again. Clean it thoroughly with soap and water, and dry it well.

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Step 3:

Oil one sight of the LP lightly (peanut oil is preferable, but any oil will do), and then place the oiled side down on a cookie sheet. Set a timer for 1 minute and 35 seconds.

Step 4:

Slide the cookie sheet into the oven, and start your timer. After 45 seconds, use a wooden spatula to flip the LP over so it heats evenly.


Step 5:

When the time is up, take the LP off of the cookie sheet and begin molding it, turning up the sides to create a wavy bowl shape. The bowl should not be too hot; if it is, wearing gloves does the trick. (Caution: Do not wear plastic gloves.) You’ll have only 20 to 30 seconds of playtime to shape the bowl, so you’ll have to work quickly.

If your bowl looks funky, put it back in the oven for another 10 to 15 seconds, as that will heat it up enough to allow you to mold it a bit more. If it just doesn’t look right at all, place it back in the oven until it wilts back to its original form, and start over again.

The finished product will be smaller than you might expect. In-house research has shown that three bananas, one large apple, or four heads of garlic will fit into the average bowl, so it can also hold your phone, keys, and sunglasses, but that’s about it. Still, it’s a cool home decor piece to have around!

Images by Rachel Kramer Bussel, John Tolva, Auntie P, and Stacie via Flickr Creative Commons