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Sandcrawler, Sandcrawler Building, LucasFilm, Singapore, Aedas, high performance facade

Restricted by height and setbacks, the Sandcrawler Building conforms to its site and is shaped like a long narrow horseshoe. A public podium open 24 hours will be in a lush garden space set on a granite base and complimented by recycled timber and natural stone. Shaded by the building overhead, the space, which will be overgrown with foliage, will be a respite from the heat and the sun and cooler than surrounding areas. The main feature of the eight story building is a 100 seat, state-of-the-art theater, which can be used for screenings, premieres or other events. Next to the theater will be a conference wing for use by LucasFilm or other offices.

The building’s profile was directly inspired by the iconic Sandcrawlers, which were used by the Jawas as huge mobile fortresses. The ephemeral exterior will be achieved with a low-iron glass layer and a second metallic-frit dot layer underneath. From the exterior, the building will appear chromed, but will still allow for daylight to reach into the offices without soaking up solar heat gain. The interior courtyard is more private and uses clear low-iron glass and allows for maximum daylighting and penetration into the inner offices.

A layer of aluminum louvers minimizes heat gain on the roof, which extends out over part of the courtyard and the terraces to provide shade. A fritted glass canopy over the courtyard also filters sunlight. At the horseshoe’s ends, overhanging terraces step down to the podium level. These private terraces will be covered with draping plants and shade the terrace below it. The high performance facade, along with the materials and lush vegetation are all part of the plan to help the project receive a Gold Plus Greenmark certification in Singapore.