Early Edison light bulbs were a thing of beauty, but they were also terribly inefficient. Modern LED bulbs are much more efficient, but they aren’t always beautiful. Luke Anderson, a product designer from Lancaster, PA, wants to change all that by creating an LED light fixture that pays homage to the art of the bulb without sacrificing efficiency. The result is the Alva Lightbulb Lamp, a modern interpretation of the Edison bulb.

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Using Kickstarter, Anderson has requested $4,000 to get his vision off the ground. Now, just over two weeks into his fundraising project, he has raised over $27,000 towards his goal and it’s easy to see why. With its gracefully looping filament and classic look, the Alva is a work of art. And unlike other modern Edison bulb interpretations, the Alva emits a muted glow of light that is easy on the eyes while still providing illumination. Anderson says that the Alva “is bright enough to read by while not being so bright as to hurt one’s eyes.”

The name of the project is a wink towards Thomas Edison, whose middle name was Alva. Initially, the parts for the Alva were made by skilled craftsmen — a wood worker and a glass blower — to create a handmade piece that is one-of-a-kind. After a few revisions, the lamp is made using a wooden mold to create the glass, which is blown by a glass blower in Pennsylvania, with a ceramic base for a more consistent and affordable product. The result is a stunning piece of art that literally lights up the room.

The base comes in a choice of brown, black or white with a filament that is individually hand-shaped by Anderson himself. The lamp will be made in a limited quantity to preserve the quality of the production. While the bulb will likely last for years, if you do need to remove it, the LED can be replaced with the turn of a few screws.

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