Swedish designer Alexander Lervik has created Lumière au Chocolate – a delectable LED lamp made of chocolate that slowly melts to let light filter through. Lervik worked with the Scandinavian LED specialists at SAAS Instruments to create the deceivingly simple lamp, which was unveiled at Galleri Kleerup in Stockholm this year.

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When creating Lumière au Chocolate, Alexander Lervik was inspired by the way light spreads out across the horizon at dawn. The lamp slowly increases in intensity as heat from the LED causes the chocolate to melt. What begins as a completely dark and opaque lamp shade soon melts in a brilliant display of light – and the chunks of chocolate are edible once they’ve solidified and cooled!

Lervik experimented with a variety of shapes before he settled on the form of a truncated pyramid: “The lamp was initially cube-shaped, but once we determined how chocolate melts together we modified the shape to resemble a cut-off pyramid. I find it poetic, with complete darkness at first and then a tiny ray of light penetrates the dark chocolate,” says Alexander.

We love this exceptional lamp not only for its simplicity, subtle poetry and the use of LEDs, but also because of how great it would be in restaurants – the chocolate would melt as customers enjoy their meal, and solidify again just in time for dessert!

+ Alexander Lervik

Images courtesy of Alexander Lervik