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The modern sleigh rests atop two skis, which enable the cozy contraption to easily navigate snowy grounds. Aerodynamic Scandinavian ash was steam-bent, making a lightweight continuous piece of wood for optimal speed, then lined with candy cane colored laquer on the sides for festive appeal. Bronze phosphor plating on the sleigh’s underside keep landings smooth in rough or rocky terrain, and long reigns keep the fleet under control. The sleigh can be tied to a pole or fence with a handy rope on the driver’s side.

Leading the sleigh is a 1.21 gigawatt lunar panel affixed to the curved front, which keeps the double seat warm in any climate. Behind the sleigh’s bench seat is a huge cargo bay for packages, gifts and travel essentials, plus there’s an extra storage compartment underneath the sleigh. An additional carriage can be added to the back of the sleigh for over zealous gift givers. Two riders can fit comfortably, though an additional hook up for two more friends is also available.

The Kringle sleigh may be ready to take you to your holiday destination, but you’ll have to find your own fleet of reindeer!

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