The Rolls-Royce image has always been synonymous with luxury and innovation. These standards now take on a new meaning as British engineering company Lunaz restores a 60-year-old car design, the Rolls-Royce Phantom, into a breathtaking electric car for the 21st century.

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front of gray Rolls-Royce Phantom

For owners of the elegant Rolls-Royce Phantom touring car — traditionally driven by chauffeur — a daily work commute or leisurely summer drive will now be friendlier to the earth. Lunaz, dedicated to keeping classic cars on the road, has restored this 1961 beauty from the ground up. It features a host of upgrades, along with Lunaz’s proprietary electric powertrain for a fully electric, eight-passenger eye-catcher that allows for customization throughout the build. To match the interior size, the Rolls-Royce Phantom V employs a 120 kWh battery, the largest electric battery in the world, which will travel up to 300 miles on a single charge. Few will be honored with the experience, however, since production is strictly limited to 30 units.

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side of gray Rolls-Royce Phantom
electric charger plugged into gray Rolls-Royce

“The time is right for an electric Rolls-Royce,” said David Lorenz, founder of Lunaz. “We are answering the need to marry beautiful classic design with the usability, reliability and sustainability of an electric powertrain. More than ever we are meeting demand for clean-air expressions of the most beautiful and luxurious cars in history. We are proud to make a classic Rolls-Royce relevant to a new generation.”

dark wood and cream leather interiors of a Rolls-Royce
cream leather backseat inside a Rolls-Royce

Additionally, Lunaz is also electrifying the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, a vehicle intended for a driving experience rather than a chauffeured one. The restoration involves stripping the car down to the bones and restoring each system with acute attention to overall weight and weight distribution, chassis, suspension and technical precision. Production for the Silver Cloud series is also extremely limited to customers around the world who have already secured build slots.

Rolls-Royce emblem stamped into dark cabinet
rear bumper on gray Rolls-Royce Phantom

“My approach to design is defined by Sir Henry Royce’s philosophy that ‘small things make perfection and perfection is no small thing,'” said Jen Holloway, design director for Lunaz. “Together with our clients, we work to create relevant expressions of the most significant cars in history. I am proud to give new purpose to some of the most beautiful objects ever created.”

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electric charger coming out of gray Rolls-Royce