Dietger Wissounig Architekten, Tunnel Monitoring Complex Hausmannstaetten, Architecture, green roof, austria, green wall, concrete

Dietger Wissounig Architekten designed this complex as an integral part of the landscape. It incorporates several green roofs that provide great insulation for the indoora and a fusion with the farms around it. Built along a busy road, the center’s green wall protects nearby houses from the noise and pollution coming from the highway.

This modern tunnel-monitoring complex was designed to last a long time. It was built from extremely robust materials like reinforced concrete, together with steel and industrial glass. Also, in some areas high-quality resistant materials had to be used (like stainless steel for the washing bays) as they are constantly exposed to steam, which leads to corrosion.

+ Dietger Wissounig Architekten

Via Arch Daily

Photos by Jasmin Schuller