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Parissy takes an obstructive element that was meant for, and abandoned by, the automobile, and gives it back to the pedestrian. Malka’s first step is to unify the abandoned roadways into one congruous and clean roundabout. This process not only cleans up lines, but also increases the visibility of both Issy and Paris, by removing unnecessary road structures. Paired down to a single line, the foot bridge structure can shine.

The foot bridge provides cooling respite in terms of the planted vegetation on and around it, as well as the natural shade it casts to the roadway below. The landscaped path will change color and density as the seasons also change.  The elevated faux-forest, amidst the urbanism of Paris and Issy, is a lush oasis, that combines urbanism, architecture, landscape and land art.

Aside from creating a unique and beautiful bridge from Issy to Paris, Parissy creates a serene user experience, and a breath of fresh air- thanks to the vegetation- amongst the big city.

+ Stephane Malka