Designed by Seasons Natural Engineering, a lush and vibrant green wall breathes life into an otherwise dull parking garage in California. One of the largest living walls in the United States, this 4,000 square-foot green wall impressively weaves over forty different plant varieties into “Aqua Felt,” a specially engineered synthetic fabric that promotes healthier growth in vertical gardens.

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Located in Irvine, this lush green wall was commissioned by Edwards Lifesciences, a global leader in the scientific study and development of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. Guided by a passion to promote public health around the world, the corporation sought to create a healthy environment for their employees as well. In addition to aesthetic value, living walls offer many health benefits from stress relief to improved air quality.

Seasons Natural Engineering, a design firm that specializes in living walls, grew the massive green tapestry on their proprietary textile Aqua Felt. Composed of 100% recycled synthetic fibers, Aqua Felt is promoted as a more flexible and breathable alternative to traditional soil-based systems. Resistant to rot, the lightweight Aqua Felt technology also encourages healthy root growth and a more even distribution of water. The biggest benefit to the system, says owner and landscape architect Scott Hutcheon, is the felt layers’ ability to create a monolithic plant facade that facilitates a healthier and lower maintenance vertical living ecosystem.

+ Seasons Natural Engineering