Lush, the innovative brand credited with developing the now ubiquitous bath bomb, has a new line of natural products aimed at pampering and pain relief. 

Three massage bars and two salt cubes

The Lush Magnesium Range Collection incorporates the reported benefits of magnesium into three massage bars and two Epsom salt cubes. Said to improve muscle recovery and sleep, magnesium takes a starring role in the massage bars that are intended for before and after workouts. The products are infused with vitamin E-rich fair trade and organic cocoa and shea butters for a soft finish. They are also infused with plant-based essential oils derived from flowers, trees, herbs, spices, shrubs and shoots.

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Two hands massaging a woman laying down with a massage bar resting by her head

Who doesn’t like a massage? It’s an argument Lush co-founders Mark Constantine and Helen Ambrosen would gladly make. Ambrosen, a marathon runner and co-inventor of the magnesium range, said, “Massage is a really effective way of maintaining your strength and movement, and magnesium helps to aid this process. At Lush, we believe in the power of touch to help us feel connected, not only with ourselves but also with each other. Whenever I use massage for myself or I am fortunate to have a spa treatment, I’m always reminded of how effective, lovely and luxurious it is – but also how much it’s helping my body and mind.”

Two hands holding a massage bar

While the science about the benefits of magnesium may be uncertain, the fact that it’s prolific in the human body is not. The company reports, “Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, and it is responsible for over 300 different functions, including brain function, energy production, muscle movement and repair.”

A person in a white bathtub holding a purple and pink square to their nose

While many people lean into supplements for their daily dose of magnesium, the Lush team reminds us that it’s often been delivered in gels and lotions, allowing it to travel through the skin and into the bloodstream. Before a workout, the Lush team recommends using the massage bar to loosen up muscles and invigorate circulation. After a workout use the bars to alleviate stiffness and detox waste materials like lactic acid. 

A hand holding a blue and yellow cube in a green water

In addition to the massage bars, the Lush team developed magnesium-loaded Epsom salt cubes that can be dropped directly into bath water to promote muscle recovery and a good night’s sleep. Lush has also developed technology to make shopping easier with an app called Lush Lens. The app allows customers to scan over 400 Lush naked products with a smartphone camera and see tutorials, ingredient lists and more. 

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