Designed by Studio Geenen, the Flax Tray is a beautiful and organic take on basic houseware made from a bio-composite material derived from Linum usitatissimum – or more commonly known as flax. The new material was developed after an ongoing research-based experiment on bio-composite, and the experimental applications have given way to some stunning pieces by Geenen.

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Keen on the omega-3 plant, the studio directed by Bram Geenen made the tray using flax as the fibrous component, binding it with a bio-resin. The end result is a material with similar properties to carbon fiber, which is lightweight and very strong, with the added eco-bonus of being renewable. Stretching a fabric over a frame with some weight, Geenen was able to creates a slim, strong natural shape, generated the futuristic tray shape design. This was a technique regularly used by Spanish architect Gaudi, for shaping his renown Barcelona buildings.

You can purchase a Flax Tray of your own at Geenen’s Shop for €189.

Photos © Studio Geenen