Quimperié’s Luxury MIG 675 is a hydrogen-powered boat that grabs energy directly from the water beneath it as it zips across the waves. The high-tech 22-foot-long boat has seats for three and it tops out at 70 mph. It’s quite the zippy, zero-emissions ride, and it has a price tag to match – it retails for $329,727. We’re still not quite sure how the technology in this speed demon works, Quimperié isn’t letting out much information about the engine inside the boat but it sure looks fast. Check out video proof of the boat’s speed after the jump!

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The MIG 675 weighs in at 2,866 pounds and packs 500 horsepower under its aluminum hull. The boat comes standard with a LED navigation system, a leather interior, a built-in bar, teak floors, an electric retractable table, a shower, a toilet and a sun deck. It seems like this is one green boat you could throw quite the party on.

Due to the direct pull of water into the motor the MIG 675 doesn’t require compressed tanks like most hydrogen engines do. Whereas traditional power boats spill all of their exhaust directly into the water below them, polluting the underwater ecosystems, the MIG 675’s supposedly super clean engine provides electricity for all of its bells and whistles. If you’ve got a chunk of change staring you in the face and you’ve always dreamed of a non-polluting day at the beach, give Luxury a call and then let us know if this technology actually works the way it says it does. We’re dying to see how this supposed water grabbing power boat functions, if it is, in fact, a real thing.

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