The eco-friendly city of Portland, Oregon will soon be adding electric cars to its fleet of taxis. Luxury eco-touring company Tesla Trips was recently granted a livery license, and the company will soon begin offering rides in Tesla Model S sedans. Tesla Trips has already made a name for itself in Portland tourism, offering guided luxury tours of the Oregon countryside for wine and beer excursions. The company recently decided to branch out into the commuter realm, applying for their livery license to extend its services to local trips.

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Although the Model S sedans won’t be combing the streets looking for fares, the electric cars will act as an on-call taxi service, providing sustainable rides to customers who call and request a ride, like a traditional town car service. These shorter, on-call trips may be better for the electric vehicle, allowing the batter to recharge when not in use, rather than roaming the streets in between fares.

The Tesla Model S electric sedan can drive up to 265 miles on a single charge, which is a realistic distance for a night of on-call taxi service in Portland. The Supercharger can juice up the battery in just an hour, while the roomy interior can seat up to seven people, which could attract customers used to jamming only three to four in a traditional cab. The Tesla Model S has been popping up in other cities as a viable replacement for traditional cabs, bringing another green transportation alternative to the public realm.

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Via Clean Technica