Chinese auto brand Geely’s high-end mark Zeekr debuted its second production EV, called the Zeekr 009. It featured a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive powertrain with 536 horsepower and 505 lb-ft of torque. That means a zero to 60 time of just 4.5 seconds. And get this: that’s a minivan.

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Gone are the days of weak EVs. New models coming out daily around the world are proving that newer battery technology and more efficient motors can do what even combustion engines could not. The 009 is 5.2 meters long and comes with two battery options: 116 kilowatt-hour or 140 kilowatt-hour. This allows the driver a range of 436 miles or 510 miles.

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Three battery powers in varying size against a gray wall

Additionally, the bigger battery version of this vehicle is the first production vehicle to use CATL’s series-produced Qilin lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt battery pack. This is the company’s third generation of cell-to-pack (CTP) battery technology that sets a record for volume-based usage efficiency at over 72%. First generation batteries in this series had 50% efficiency.

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What does that mean? More power, more range and less charging for your go-anywhere EV minivan. Furthermore, the Zeekr 009 has 30 driving assistance systems onboard for safety. There includes seven 8MP HD cameras, four 2MP 360-degree cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars and one long-range millimeter wave radar. These systems monitor the surroundings of the vehicle for a variety of safety purposes such as crash avoidance.

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Moreover, the Zeekr 009 comes with air suspension, self-leveling function, an AI assistant, face and voice recognition and a 20-speaker Yamaha surround stereo system. We’re happy to see cars in China have come this far, both in terms of EV technology and high-tech add-ons. These are a far cry from the first cars out of China two decades ago, that had rough edged steel body pieces under the hood, cheap paint and minimal interiors. Today’s EVs from China are top of the line compared to any global standard. The country is pushing the bar on sustainability.

Interior three rows of black car seating

Lastly, pricing isn’t as bad as you’d expect. The Zeekr 009 starts at $68,450 for the base version and $80,660 for the longer range battery. Customers in China can place reservations now, and deliveries start in January 2023.


Images via Zeekr