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For a week, Luzinterruptus traveled around the Spanish town borrowing plastic containers, taking note of the names of each original owner. Once 500 were collected, the installation process began. A sea of containers of different shapes and colors were arranged into a unified colorful “lake” chock full of artificial fish. Once twilight set in, the containers were illuminated, creating a color display that was amplified by the refracting water in each container.

For the celebration, adults and children alike participated in an evening of night fishing, catching the colored plastic fish in each tub, but also adding their own colorful containers to the mix. The resulting piece could be seen from blocks away as a colorful glowing mirage at the edge of the park. Fishing in Light was inspired by the need to bring the community together for merriment after they’d been disappointed that the 2020 Olympics would not be hosted in Madrid.

After the Culture Festival was over, each of the 500 containers was returned to their rightful owners, making for an entirely waste-free art installation that brought the community together.

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