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The project, called Recycling Sunday, was commissioned by Galeria Starter to occupy a local plaza for only twelve hours. One thousand colored plastic bags were scattered about the area, each fitted with a light bulbinside. Luzinterruptus chose bags in the three colors used for recycling – green for glass, yellow for metal and blue for paper. The blue bags were hung, forming an impromptu illuminated sky, while the yellow and green ones floated about like glowing tumbleweed. Visitors were allowed to take the pieces away with them, to the delight of children who treated them as balloons, and adults who carried them like fragile works of art.

Luzinterruptus  and Galeria Starter created this grand spectacle in order to make the Warsaw locals aware of recycling initiatives and practices. By making an innovative public art installation, rather than an advertisement-style campaign, Recycling Sunday enabled Luzinterruptus to bring recycling awareness to their audience in a more engaging way.

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