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To construct the maze, the Luzinterruptus collected 6,000 plastic bottles from a local manufacturing and bottling plant and through donations from active local residents participating in the installation’s construction. All in all, over 26 meters of plastic waste were converted into the 7 by 5 meter, 3.4-meter-high plastic waste labyrinth.

With walls made of plastic bags filled with colored bottles, the colorful maze is bright and inviting from a distance and quite impactful at close range. During the day sunlight reflects off the colored plastic, and at night the installation is illuminated with LED lighting, eerily resembling a Disney ice sculpture gone wrong.

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The socially-minded artists were very happy to contribute to the Katowice Street Art Festival while making a visual statement about the problem of plastic waste: “We were looking to demonstrate, in a poetic manner, the amount of plastic waste that is consumed daily, in addition to focusing attention on the big business of bottling water, which leads to very serious problems in developing countries, whose citizens have watched as their aquifers have been privatized with impunity for the exclusive enrichment of large business owners and ruling classes without scruples.”

+ Luzinterruptus

Photography by Gustavo Sanabria