LYCS Architecture, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Printing Group Headquarters, Corner of Hangzhou, West Lake, West Lake Hangzhou, green roof, urban high rise natural daylighting, natural ventilation, sky garden

The 120,711-square-meter office headquarters’ placement and shape were influenced by the need to maximize building views towards West Lake and minimize shadows on adjacent residential buildings. Thus, LYCS Architecture placed the wedge-shaped building on a diagonal and elongated its lake-facing south side. A series of viewing balconies and outdoor terraces were also added to the south elevation. A 70-meter-tall void was cut out from the top of the building to make way for a rooftop park, skylights, and more opportunities for views of West Lake. The void was carefully placed so that the headquarters would look like two separate buildings when viewed from West Lake.

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A multistory atrium with indoor greenery located below the sky garden optimizes natural lighting and ventilation. The atrium comprises three stacked areas that include the entrance lobby, shared atrium, and light well. To protect the building from the harsh sun, a shading facade made of aluminum louvers clad the structure, giving it a highly textured look. Construction is slated to begin in 2015.

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