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Harms sources the iMac shells from recyclers for his aquariums, giving new life to the previously obsolete comps. To make them look shiny and new, he then polishes each with a high speed buffer, restoring the bright hues to their original glossy glory. The inner tank follows all of the curvaceous lines of the original iMac, including a curving bubble front that lines up flush with the iMac’s screen, creating a perfect view from the outside. The tanks come in the same vibrant colors as their iMac predecessors- blue, aqua, white, smoke, red, flower power and blue dalmation.

Each Macquarium holds a three gallon tank, which is plenty of room for 1 to 3 dwarf frogs, red claw crabs, fancy guppies or betta fish to swim happily. The fish tank comes with a built in filter and miniature lights that line the “screens,” which creates a dazzling effect at night time. The décor of the interior of the tank is up to you, so feel free to create a colorful scene with brightly colored gravel or plastic plants.

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