MAD Architects unveiled their first residential project in Beverly Hills and it looks like a luscious green hillside in the center of the city. Topped with clustered glass villas, 8600 Wilshire includes 18 residential units blended with commercial spaces on the main level. The project combines private gardens, townhouse architecture and condominiums, wrapped in a water-efficient “living wall” containing drought-tolerant succulents and vines.

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The building offers a variety of housing types and acts as a neighborhood instead of a traditional residential building. Its pavilion-like structure comprises translucent volumes sitting atop a volume clad in vegetation and it combines three townhouses, five villas, two studios and eight condominiums.

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The “living wall” undulates around perforated windows on the facade, which lifts off the ground along Wilshire Boulevard and reveals glass storefronts of retail spaces. Wrapping the entire middle volume, the green cover creates an impression of a floating plinth atop a hidden elevatedcourtyard sheltered underneath a canopyof trees and native plantings. With a reflecting pool located in the lobby below, this secluded space provides privacy for the residents and allows them to relax and have a quiet moment during the day.

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