Like a cluster of pleated, venetian blind-esque volcanoes, this new convention center in Taiwan has “skin” that will naturally ventilate the structure and generate energy from solar power. Beijing-based MAD Architects recently designed the Taichung Convention Center as a commission by the Taiwanese government. The center is intended to become a new local landmark and help redefine the cultural landscape of the city, while also drawing attention to sustainable development and growth.

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The folded solar eco-skin of the building serves two purposes – first, the envelopes provide natural air flow to the interior to minimize air conditioning. Second, the pleatings also utilize a “double photovoltaic glass,” which will help reduce energy consumption. One side of the pleat is a transparent material that lets light into the interior, providing plentiful natural daylight, while the other side of the pleat is solid.

Built according to existing site topography, the structure of the center further accentuates what was already there. The moutainous forms resemble craters and are anywhere from 39-85 meters in height. Outdoor courtyards and balconies dot the architectural form to create a more organic landscape. In total, the building area is over 216,000 square meters (+ 2.3 million sq ft) and will have various uses including entertainment, retail, convention space, offices and parking. The inside of the convention center is filled with light and will hopefully be all it claims to be in terms of sustainability.


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