Solar panels are unique among sources of clean and renewable energy for their ability to generate electricity practically anywhere in the world. Recently Madagascar joined with the Development Intervention Fund to begin retrofitting a number of rural clinics with photovoltaic cells. For those in energy-deprived communities who are in need of medical care, having access to solar energy can literally mark the difference between life and death.

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One of the most overlooked characteristics of solar panels is their ability to produce energy pretty much everywhere on the planet. For areas with poor energy infrastructure, such as rural Madagascar, solar panels can provide an essential renewable resource where before there was none.

The newly installed solar arrays allow clinics to function at night, safely providing services which previously had to be conducted via candlelight. It also means that noisy, expensive and highly polluting generators can be reserved for emergency purposes only. So far 27 centers have received solar panels, with a total cost of around $700,000 dollars. If you ask us, it’s a small price to pay for a life-saving development.

+ Development Intervention Fund

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