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In case you’d never heard of them, Made Out Portugal is a design platform for Portuguese designers developing work abroad, and works as an ever-changing collective of brands hoping to call attention to their work. As creatives themselves, it only made sense that they wouldn’t want a typical gallery to show their less than typical wares off in. “For the DMY exhibition we wanted to think of a new way to present our work,” MOP writes on its website. “Being displaced designers and again having to move to exhibit in Berlin we became aware that we would always need to move our work there. So we might as well move along with it and bring it ourselves in a truck. The idea started of a way to exhibit our work on the move. Go around with our work packed and ready to show. All we have to do is open the truck and show it to the people passing by.”

And as glamorous as the back of a truck is, MOP decided to spruce it up a bit and really make their designs pop. They spent a few days constructing a gallery inside of the vehicle and painted the interior black. They also built walls, a ceiling, lights and a floor. “The truck became a totally black gallery where we could exhibit our work,” they explained. The festival is over now but we wonder if they’ll be driving their mobile gallery to any other stops – London Design Week perhaps?

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