Do you remember the last time you were trained to use a fire extinguisher? The Elide Fire Ball eliminates the need for training and the risk of panicked fumbling once a fire erupts by instantly unleashing a cloud of extinguishing chemicals. It can even be passively mounted near at-risk appliances for protection when no one is home.

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The Elide Fire Ball company legitimizes the incredible innovation by pointing out that panic can be a spreading fire’s best friend. Fumbling to use extinguishers or fleeing the scene are understandable reactions to sudden flames, yet neither are much concern when you have one of their magical products around. By mounting the ball in kitchens or near circuit breakers, fire places, or overburden electrical outlets everyone is safe from engulfing flames by the product’s automatic 3-second explosion response.

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When facing an unexpected blaze, anyone who can lift the 1.5 kg (about 3.5 pound) object can throw it into the inferno to extinguish it. The fire ball emits a loud alarm when it is about to activate and reportedly releases chemicals that are safe to humans and the environment. No inspections are needed within a five year timeframe and the product protects against A, B, C, and E class fires. Perhaps, in the future, wizardly fire balls will replace old school extinguishers everywhere.

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