What’s not to love about open-source printing instructions for the Arquimaña OpenBike? Their new design has greater stability and rigidity, is shared under a creative commons license and you can make it yourself. The bike is half traditional bike parts, half wood construction. You can assemble and disassemble the bike yourself and customize it to your liking, which the designers say was key to their philosophy of independence and avoiding static design.

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A bike leans against a painted wall

The OpenBike is built with the idea of modern digital craftsmanship at the forefront. It’s a digitally-manufactured wood bike frame you assemble with traditional wheels and pedals. You can attach a traditional bike seat or use the flat wood seat that comes with the design.

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“OpenBike is a manifesto about urban transport, distributed manufacturing, shared knowledge, the community and the responsible use of resources, which makes available to anyone the methods for the manufacture of a non-polluting means of urban transport: the bicycle,” said Arquimaña.

Two people on either ends of a bike

Arquimaña is a design and architecture studio founded by Inaki Albistur and Raquel Marieta Ares in Donostia in the Basque Country of northern Spain.

“We believe in an architecture that is not static, that adapts and interacts with the user and that technology is a tool to make us more free and self-sufficient,” the designers explained their philosophy.

A person holding a bike in the streets with baskets sitting at the front of back of it

It’s a simple design, but the OpenBike and other studio projects are turning heads. In 2017, the Arquimaña Studio was a finalist for the Peña Ganchegui Awards for Young Basque Architecture and, in 2018, three Arquimaña projects — Openbike, Invernaderos de Promoción and RadioPlaza — were listed by Arquia / Próxima. Openbike was a finalist in the festival Arquia / Proxima 2018: Relevant Practices. The Arquimaña Lahu chair was the winner of the Product Design category at the Egurtek 2020 Awards.

A bike sits on a rocky mountain

Arquimaña been selected to be part of the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 and the Thematic & Cities exhibition at the Seoul Architecture and Urbanism Biennial SBAU 2021.

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