Vienna-based agency Mostlikely made an impact in 2012 with its massive ‘Of Donkeys and Basilisks’ paper sculpture that was made using nearly 4,000 paper forms. Now, the team is using their paper magic to create DIY paper lampshades. The lampshades come in a variety of animal shapes, or you can request a custom design to suit your unique style.

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Each lampshade starts out as a 3D computer model, which is then printed on heavy paper and shipped out in a cardboard tube. After a little bit of cutting, folding and gluing, just add a socket, lamp stand and bulb and voila: your own piece of lighted art. The designs can also be used to create masks or display art. If you prefer your lampshades a little more abstract, check out the Cluster Luster, which is an open-source plan for a lampshade made using recycled plans from the Basilisks project that can be had for fewer than 2 bucks.

Mostlikely is a Vienna-based design group that combines architecture, design, computer graphics and sound to create thought-provoking projects that range from art installations to music.

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