Are you in need of some cool new décor for your barren apartment? For us more fiscally challenged individuals it seems like the easiest and cheapest thing to do is to tack up a poster of our favorite movie or painting. Boring! But don’t let the 2D world get you down, because the clever Aussies at Makedo have created an ingenious new way to breathe some life into our drab living spaces. Their simple DIY connector system lets you get your creativity going while turning your old piles of junk and trash into some funky treasures!

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Makedo is made up of three simple parts – a connector, a hinge and a construction tool. The connector comprises a pin and a clip that is able to clamp material together, creating toys, costumes, furniture and much much more. Completely flexible and reusable, if you get sick of an object all you have to do is squeeze the clip to release the parts and you’re ready to get going on your next imaginative invention.

Makedo aims to inspire people to see new value in all things around us, and the splendor and marvel that can come with just a dash of creativity.

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