Here at Inhabitat, we can’t get enough of 3D printers, and MakerBot’s Replicator 2 is one of the finest examples of consumer-level 3D printing. That’s why we were so excited about the release of Replicator 2X, a new, updated version of the Replicator that was unveiled this week at CES 2013. With an improved frame, ABS plastic printing and a heated build platform, the Replicator 2X will have you printing incredibly detailed, astonishingly realistic 3D models in no time from the comfort of home.

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The previous version of the Replicator used PLA to print models, a corn-based plastic produced by MakerBot. The Replicator 2X ditches the PLA and instead switches to ABS plastic, which is the industry standard for 3D printing. The 2X also resolves a few gaps in the frame, which were filled with plastic.

Perhaps the biggest improvement over the previous model is the addition of the heated build platform, which helps to prevent cracking and warping that can occur when the temperature fluctuates. To make the 2X even more heat stable, MakerBot added insulating coverings to the front and top of the device. The 2X will be sold for $2,799 starting in early 2013.

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