With the population booming and housing expansion taking place in all corners of the world, catching wind of a swanky new high-rise in a distant land can lead to some raised eyebrows. The EcoSky living center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, however, is notable not for its excess, but for its attention to sustainable construction and maintenance practices. EcoWorld Development Sdn. Bhd. has released details about the project, which will be composed of three residential towers and a building named The Centre, referred to as “the green heart” of the construction.

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The Centre will feature up to 100 units for retail shopping, dining, and recreational facilities. The grounds are planned to feature lush gardens, which will be fertilized naturally by compost created through the on-site compost bin program,  and reflective pools. There are also plans to include rainwater collection systems for irrigating the landscape and water-efficient fixtures to assist in additional conservation.

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Life for residents promises to include many luxuries outside of The Centre, as well. The three residential towers will be fitted with a 50-yard lap pool, “fun island” pool, and play area for children as well as a penthouse and garden lounge. Daylighting and natural ventilation systems will be used in all staircases, elevator lobbies, corridors, and restrooms to cut energy costs and improve air quality. Finally, not to be ignored is the plan to adhere to the low concrete usage index in all of the construction.

What if residents wish to venture out of their paradise? EcoSky will build covered walkways for access to public transportation, making it easier for folks to carry the site’s sustainable orientation with them as they embark on new adventures.