The Maldive Islands are well on their way to completing their largest solar installation. The system is a donation from Japan of 675kW of Kyocera PV modules installed in a total of 10 locations. The work is a way to help the island nation take affirmative step is reducing their need for fossil fuels, the prime contributor to rising ocean levels which is a major threat to a nation whose highest natural point is a mere 8 feet above sea level. The Maldives has been a leader in the global push for countries take concrete steps in reducing green house gas emissions.

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The installation is a joint effort between Kyocera Solar, construction companies and the Japanese government’s Official Development Assistance. The two-phase installation will total 3240 210 watt modules placed on rooftops. The modules are reinforced with extra support bars to resist lifting in typhoon-strength winds. The effort is a direct response to the Maldive’s alarm over the prospect of rising oceans literally wiping the nation off the map. The recently completed first phase will reduce 146 tons of C02.

This is a small step in what is a nation’s dependence on a global response, and the support they need in making a clear message about the threat of global warming.

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Photos Kyocera and Wikicommons