Living in a tiny urban home? Then you’ll love Philippe Malouin’s new Hanger Chair that hangs just like clothing! Part of a collection launched by Canadian design brand Umbra, these folding chairs use a clever storage system and are suited for the smallest of spaces. The Hanger Chair was lanched at ICFF in New York during this year’s Design Week.

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Malouin first designed the Hanger Chair while studying at Design Academy Eindhoven. The design was first unveiled back in 2008, along with other space saving objects and transforming furniture, including aninflatable dining table. It combines the function of a hanger with that of the folding chair and is stored like clothing.

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This hybrid design was designed with small living spaces in mind. Instead of stacking the chairs in a corner, or keeping them in an unused room, the Hanger Chairs utilize an efficient storage system that frees up every inch of precious available space.

+ Philippe Malouin