Is that a turtle in your pants or are you just happy to see me? Canadian Kai Xu just pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle 51 turtles across the border by stuffing and taping the turtles down his pants. Officials saw Xu disappear behind a semi-trailer and when he reappeared, they saw, “irregularly shaped bulges under Xu’s sweatpants on both legs.” A second man was also charged in the smuggling attempt after being caught at a Detroit airport with over 200 turtles in his suitcase.

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The pair was attempting to smuggle the turtles from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario last month when the US Fish and Wildlife agents spotted them. The officials seized the turtles, which included several different species, including one that is considered near threatened and one that is considered vulnerable.

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While smuggling turtles in your pants may seem extreme, one man was caught in 2010 smuggling turtles in his underwear while another was caught trying to disguise a turtle as a hamburger (seriously). The illegal wildlife trade is valued between $70 and $213 billion annually. Xu is facing a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison for the act.

Via The Chronicle Herald

Lead image via Shutterstock, image via Ingrid Taylar