Organic Transit’s ELF has grown from a Kickstarter project into an amazing personal transit vehicle, and now a 65-year-old man from Cambridge is attempting to ride the 1,200 miles from Durham, North Carolina, where the half bicycle/half car is manufactured, back to his home in Massachusetts. Equipped with a small electric motor, solar panels and a protective shell, the ELF is essentially a futuristic bike/car hybrid that can travel 1,800 miles on the energy equivalent of a single gallon of fuel!

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Back home, Mike Stewart is a family therapist and school psychologist, but right now he is in the spotlight for deciding to forego the $1,000 delivery fee by transporting his brand new $5,000 ELF from Durham to Cambridge along the East Coast Greenway trail for pedestrians and hikers.

“I spent three days in the shop hanging with the guys there and learning the vehicle,” Stewart told . “This is just an unsupported solo trip up here in a vehicle that nobody else really knows.”

Stewart is only the 40th person so far to drive off in an ELF, though scores of others are waiting for theirs to come off the production line. Currently Organic Transit is producing their 75th vehicle, but 200 additional ELFS have already been ordered!

CEO Rob Cotter said he realized how much demand there was for such a vehicle while in checking out shared bicycle programs in New York. He then proceeded to use parts from boats, aircrafts and bicycles to eventually produce the 130 pound solar-powered vehicle. Stewart is averaging roughly 60 miles a day in his sporty green mobile, and expects to arrive home within a month.

Via Physorg