Michael Weekes’ “Pride of Buffalo” is a geodesic houseboat that he built himself for about $2,000. Made of plywood and recycled gallon storage containers, the domed boat has been floating in the Buffalo River as a beacon of sustainable living for locals to observe firsthand. The floating home was designed as an affordable and energy-efficient option for enjoying weekends away at one of the city’s many waterways.

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Obviously inspired by Buckminster Fuller, the 16-foot Geodesic Houseboat has a frame and base made from sustainable plywood. The twenty seven repurposed plastic storage containers keep the structure buoyant, supporting up to 5,000 pounds on deck. The cabin, beneath the dome, can be covered with canvas or plywood, and comfortably sleeps up to four. The on-board toilet is low-tech and private and days can be spent lounging on the deck and watching the scenery float by. Without the sleeping area set up, twelve people can enjoy the deck and canal-side views.

Weekes designed the boat as a way to illustrate affordable waterborne living in an area of Buffalo that is quickly becoming more and more expensive. He built the boat in his driveway in just a few weeks for less than $2,000. Maneuvered by paddle, the houseboat doesn’t even need to be registered with the state. Matched with the environmental badge of holding a zero carbon footprint, the Geodesic Houseboat is an inexpensive and realistic solution for enjoying our country’s waterfront areas, without impeding on its environment.

Via Buffalo Rising