Chris Todd had a goal of walking from Wales to Ireland – and he was not about to let the Irish Sea get in his way. So, after building a gigantic hamster wheel treadmill in his backyard dubbed the “Treadalo“, he set off on his journey to hoof it across the stretch of water. Unfortunately, 9 hours into the projected 48-hour crossing, things began to go awry.

In an effort to raise funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the Wiltshire Blind Association, Chris Todd built the Treadalo, a giant floating hamster wheel-like contraption, to cross the Irish Sea. The trip, covering 66 miles, was scheduled to take the 35-year-old two days to complete. However, at about the half way point, the rudders of the wheel were overcome by larger than expected waves. Todd was forced to abandon the Tredalo and board a nearby safety boat, which transported him back to Wales. After a two-hour tow back to its origin, the Treadalo broke.

Todd still hopes to raise £20,000 for charity, and plans on making another attempt at the crossing later this month. Donations can be made through his website. Stay tuned for the second go-round!

+ Irish Sea Crossing for WBA, RNLI

Via Barcroft TV and Neatorama