Fed up with the likes of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream? An experimental entrepreneur from Bristol (in the UK) has developed a whole range of uniquely flavored ice-cream for adventurous palates looking to buck the norm. Among his range of flavors include cheddar cheese and roast beer, however it is his ‘glow-in-the-dark’ ice cream that has really raised eyebrows.

Watch the above video for Eddith Widder talking about luminescence.

The first-of-its-kind ice cream uses a synthesized jellyfish luminescence to make it visible in the dark. It’s also interactive as the ice cream lights up when it reacts with your tongue. Pre-tongue contact, the ice cream has a neutral PH, however once it starts to be consumed, it gives off a green glow.

On his company’s website, Lick Me I’m Delicious, Bristolian Charlie Harry Francis said: “We’ve been working with a company who have managed to synthesise a protein extracted from jellyfish that causes bioluminescence to occur. We’re using a specific form of this protein which reacts with calcium at a neutral PH, causing the protein to glow when it comes into contact with calcium, i.e. when it’s agitated, i.e. when it’s licked.”

Unfortunately, the unique ice cream comes with a hefty price tag, meaning you probably won’t see it in your average ice cream van any time soon. A single scoop will set you back a whopping £140. However, there is a reason for the high price tag.

“It’s probably the most expensive ice cream I’ve ever made,” said Charles speaking to AOL Travel. “Jellyfish luminescence is four times pricier than gold so each scoop costs me around £140.”

While it may look radioactive, Charlie said the taste is rather delicious and the glowing effect is limited only to the ice cream.

“I tried some and I don’t seem to be glowing anywhere. We’ve also made a non-jellyfish version using quinine from tonic to make a glow in the UV dark gin and tonic sorbet which is pretty neat and can be ordered from all good Lick Me I’m Delicious event contraptions.”

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Via AOL Travel