When we first spotted this crazy picture of a Prius driver hitching a free energy ride on San Francisco’s MUNI power lines, we couldn’t believe it! Equipped with a giant trolley pole, the Franken-Prius hacks into the same overhead electrical system that propels the city’s buses, getting free power from San Francisco’s public transportation infrastructure.

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The Bold Italic caught up with Jon, the creator of the hacked Prius get-up. Jon says that siphoning electricity off the well-connected MUNI lines powers his car just about anywhere in the city, “except they get pretty pissed when I run on the light-rail lines on 3rd Street.” Since the Prius only uses a fraction of the power delivered to a regular city bus, Jon distributes the rest of the excess power to “a whole lot of resistors, full-time headlights, and a kick-ass stereo system.” Jon’s tricked-out Prius even has a hilarious license plate that reads: “MUNI PWR.”

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The Franken-Prius is certainly inspiring – it reminds us of the improbable design concepts created in architecture contests like the Evolo Skyscraper Competitions, which serve to stimulate debate and discussion. Hopefully other hackers will be inspired by Jon’s “MUNI-fied” Prius and will start chipping away on their own models—we’d love to see it!

Via The Bold Italic

Images via The Bold Italic