Generally speaking, if you’re sleeping in a car, you’re down on your luck, drunk and risking arrest, or very, very tired. What you are almost certainly not is on vacation—unless for some bizarre reason you’ve rented a Tesla Model S from Steve, of Phoenix, Arizona on Airbnb. Yes, for $85 a night you can enjoy the comforts of an airbed in the back of his luxury electric sedan. For an extra fee, you can even take it for a ride.

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As Steve’s listing explains: “Want to experience the amazing TESLA Model S? Now is your chance to CAMP in a TESLA for the most unique stay possible. The TESLA will be your “Private Room” but you still get access to a kitchen, TV room & bathroom/shower.” So basically the Tesla is the bed, the garage is the room and one has access to the communal spaces.

The rules one must abide by to enjoy a night in the Tesla Model S? No smoking, no pets, and no NBA players. Oh, and there are early mornings too; an additional note on the Airbnb page explains “As the Tesla is of course my transportation, I would request that you are up by 8am so I can get to work.”

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It may not be the best way to experience a Tesla Model S, but it is perhaps one of the more unique ways. And, it’s an excellent ploy to attract people to your listings for, say, Airbnb cabins in Arizona.

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