Spencer Seabrooke just shattered the highest slacklining record and confirmed all our fears of heights in one fell swoop. Conquering the 210-foot gap between two mountains in Squamish, BC seemed like no big feat for the professional daredevil from British Columbia. The video above shows him stepping carefully over the 951-foot drop – and expertly catching his falls – barely breaking a sweat.

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Videographer Zachary Moxley captured the nail-biting scene with his drone earlier this month. The record was broken by a mere 7 meters, which means heights such as these have been traversed before with nary a harness or safety measure. This detail is what, perhaps, makes this story even more awesome.

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Seabrooke is a founder of SlackLife BC, an adventure-seeker’s dream. The sport was first made popular in the 1980’s in California’s Yosemite National Park and includes walking across nylon webbing, which makes it different than non-stretchy tightrope walking. If you’re still holding your breath, it’s safe to let it out.

Via Gizmodo, Vancouver Sun

Images via YouTube