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The most extensive change to the house involves a series of walkways that run throughout the house: a spiralled walkway that leads from the kitchen up to the second floor, a scaled-down staircase that leads to a bed perched in a crow’s nest, and a collection of staggered shelves that double as a feline viewing point. Most of the walkways connect various rooms within the house, which ensures that the cats can follow their master from room to room.

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Despite all the cat-friendly additions, the house looks surprisingly normal from the outside, with a charming stone garden in the back complemented by an abundance of palm trees and other lush foliage. Even inside, it wouldn’t take long to adapt to the many features designed specifically for cats, especially thanks to the subtle blending of colors throughout the house. If you’re more worried about the smell, a new ventilation system was also added to ensure the house circulates enough air to keep out any unwanted odors.

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Images by Trillium Enterprises

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