Recently, the fantastic design team at Manoteca launched Box sir, their latest collection of beautifully restored wooden designs. In addition to being stunning pieces of furniture, they are cool to boot! By using boxes complete with underside magnets within an iron frame, these gorgeous containers can be pieced together and taken apart again just like a puzzle. Hit the break to see a cool video demonstrating how the system works!

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The collection consists of a table, stool, and bench, which are all designed with the same concept in mind. The table is all constructed around an uneven iron frame, where upcycled wooden boxes dating back to the beginning of last century can be arranged in different places or taken away to reveal an open space. This is a great idea, as it enables interaction with the furniture so you can choose how to use it depending on what suits you. Have a peek at this video for a better idea of how it works:

[vimeo width=”537″ height=”400″][/vimeo]

Designs like Box sir are simultaneously playful, useful, and stunning works of art. Each of the boxes have been so carefully restored and finished in hand-stitched leather that they could also easily be used as centerpieces on their own or simply placed in lovely stacks.

+ Manoteca

Images via Manoteca