When Marcelo da Luz was told he couldn’t drive his solar car across Ontario to complete his trans-Canadian tour, he saw an opportunity. Rather than give up, da Luz pulled the batteries and motor out of his solar car and proceeded to pull the car across the Canadian province on his own steam. After all, he had already driven the car across Canada’s ice roads and to the Arctic Circle and back. So when the Canadian government notified da Luz that he couldn’t drive his solar car on Ontario roads, he made the most of it, pulling the 440-pound car along secondary roads to bring attention to the benefits of solar vehicles. So why doesn’t he just apply for a solar car test permit?


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First of all, the current regulations are too strict for the type of journey he’s attempting, but what it has really boiled down to is a campaign to change the laws in favor of solar-powered green vehicles. Da Luz is hoping for a change of heart similar to the one the Canadian government had when EV enthusiasts pressured them to reverse their ban on EV conversions. “The moratorium was lifted after EV enthusiasts pressured the government to explain why they imposed the moratorium,” he said. “Absolutely, I expect Ontario to change after the X of 1 Walk to work with its citizens.”

Via Wired